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Grounded in His Word; Growing in His Will; Going in His Way


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Deaconess Ministry

Mary Buckson               Teresa Clowney

Bobby Haywood           Bridgette Taylor

June Henson, Chairperson  


    • A deacon's wife, sometimes referenced as a deaconess, has a unique set of responsibilities. In addition to church-based duties, a deacon's wife performs other duties to establish her role in both the church and community.  A deacon's wife is expected to perform community service. These duties might include feeding the homeless, visiting sick members or imprisoned females or working with youth.
    • A deacon's wife also makes a promise to God and the congregation with which it is affiliated to honestly, joyfully and faithfully carry out all duties assigned to her. She must also promise to stay grounded in faith, pray reverently and be a daily testimony for God.
    • The deacon's wife may be responsible for setting the tray of grape juice and crackers for Holy Communion.



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